A campaign of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Mauritius

#RiseandShine Stories 

We invite all the victims or victims’ relatives to share their story about they could have fight gender inequality, violence against women, humans abuse, to share their story. We want all of you to act as Heroes and inspire other victims to stand up for their rights and to say no to any type of violence others have.

Daniella Maudar

Mother of a 11 years old autistic boy. My continuous fight for free education for disabled children is one of my priority. Acceptance of special kids in society

Irfaan Mooradun

My mission vis-a-vis the Campaign

I am a student of psychology and as a passionate to this field, my aim is to bring forward the concept of optimism over pessimism in our society. I intend to bring more focus and highlight our appreciative thoughts to our heroes who have great stories to tell. Together with the ‘Rise & Shine’ Team, we can influence and inspire many others to be part of the movement.

Charon Potié-Joseph

Née à la résidence Kennedy, je viens d’une famille modeste mais où l’éducation était la priorité. Je n’ai pas eu une enfance facile mais aujourd’hui je suis chef d’entreprise et je termine mes études pour décrocher un MBA.

Sahmeemah Khatri (Shayraya Kate)

I came from a middle-class family and due to financial constraint and poverty, I couldn’t pursue my education further. Since early age I had to work and today by the God’s grace I am healthy and still supporting my family. I am 40 years old, married for 12 years and I have 2 beautiful children. Working in different fields, I have acquired lot of knowledge and I am also an executive member PTA in primary school.
I’ve also made a project (Animal Welfare and Care) on educating people how to help stray dogs and cats around the island. I’m doing all this as a social worker for a better Mauritius.


Avoir confiance en soi n’est pas donnée à tout le monde. Que ce soit dans la vie professionnelle ou personnelle. Chaque étape de ma vie a fait que je me suis construit une carapace qui ma foi, devient un peu trop lourd pour moi. C’est difficile de se construire quand tous nos rêves et projets ne se réalisent pas. Cette année, j’ai décidé de changer. De faire un travail au quotidien pour montrer qui je suis et ce que je vaux vraiment. I’ve also made a project (Animal Welfare and Care) on educating people how to help stray dogs and cats around the island. I’m doing all this as a social worker for a better Mauritius.


Hello! I am so honored to come across this group which I have always been wanting to be part of. Well! my story is all about this year. I am doing my A level and last year I had bad grades but this year I am doing everything possible to get good grades. Many people underestimated me for who I am and from what family background I belong to. But frankly, ‘I don’t care’. People get jealous because every time they underestimate me, I win a prize in a competition. These people have forced me to become who I am today. Someone, who is confident, brave and ready to face any type of discomfort. I think, therefore the reason I keep on shining on stages like MUN, Constance Award or even at being a Head girl.


I am 23 years old and life has always been a bit hard for me. Having parents who constantly fought but cared about their children. I always knew that being strong and hardworking will be the key to success, a way for me to get out of my current environment. I have seen many of my friends be in similar situations, and then took the wrong path. I have failed in my professional life like many other people, I have been a victim of injustice and discrimination but I knew that having faith in myself and staying strong and believing in a brighter future and again work hard, always, will help me move on in life. So, therefore, why I chose medicine. I can help people improve their physical as well as mental health and bring psychological support. I wish that I will never lose this light inside of me which encourages me to go towards others and help them the best way I can. I hope one day Mauritius will be brighter.

Sumookhee (Rani)

For me, it all began when I started working on a project for children with diabetes in 2002. The whole subject was taboo and the children along with their parents were in total abandon without any type of support whatsoever. The effort I took to make the subject of infantile diabetes less taboo, helped parents to discuss openly about it and fight for this cause and get the Ministry of Health to change the treatment protocol for these children has brought immense joy to me. Now, children with diabetes are getting insulin pens, testing meters and strips for free of charge at the hospitals.


Entant homosexuel ça n’a pas été toujours facile d’être accepté parmi la société Les regards des autres que ça soit au boulot ou en public.

Tell us your story!


J’ai 28 ans j’ai des dreadlocks on me regarde bizarrement tous les jours .des jugements silencieux selon les regards .on vous met une étiquette genre (il a des dreadlocks .cest sûrement un fumeur ou un drogué).j’ai même subie une rupture amoureuse ou mes ex beauparents me mettaient une étiquette.j’ai quand même avancer j’ai ma famille rt mes amis qui sont là et la boîte ou je suis bien et mon manager crois en moi .j’ai bien eu mon diplôme en assurance et terminer dans dans les 6 premiers maintenant on me respecte plus parcequils voient maintenant qui je suis vraiment.


Jai ete frapper a nombre reprise dans ma vie et jai toujours remonter les pentes a nombre reprise. Jai perdu a nombre reprises her emplois et jai toujours recomencer a zero. Jai toujours tout perdu dans ma vie et ce qui me reste a perdre cest cette vie. Mais je le prend avec courage et je reste positif tout en esperant que demain sera meilleur. Mon histoire est un livre en Elle meme… he reste optimist… mersi


Mon fils est autist et je pense que je lutte contre tous pour qu’il soit accepter et traiter comme les autre enfants ici à Maurice


Since a kid I was always taught not to cry like a girl, hold your tears show your masculinity. I felt suffocated in this patriarchal enclosure. But I’m always against the society! If she can cry why can’t I? To love and live freely must not be based on gender disparity. Male or female, LGBTQ or not we are all humans and this is our life.


I lost sense of life, when I lost my mother at a young age, my teen years were messed up by other ‘bad jokes’ at school, and now I feel proud because those bad experience taught me that whatever happens, we are humans and we need to keep on moving, progress and most importantly appreciate what we have, and what is left.

Glorine Maloupe

Glorine Maloupe, 29 years, well known young activist in Mauritius.
2006 has been a year which has put my dreams between brackets. Like many youths, I have a dream too, to be a financial analyst. But, that dream was made of obstacles, very difficult to achieve. I have had to retake my exams of Cambridge SC . Overwhelmed with encouragement and motivation to excel, I have taken a step back, to jump far and was successful. This success has opened gates for me to be transformed, Glorine was no more that shy girl and is today an independent lady with greater determinations to help others.

I was made Head Girl in 2009 and was given opportunities to represent SSS Bel Air on extra-curricular activities. One obstacle overcame, others have been unexpected. In 2009, I was diagnosed with a chronic disease, very acute and serious Ulcerative Colitis where I have lead a battle against it for five years. From clinic to hospital, regular medical appointments, I was compelled to maintain a diet meal everyday, with boiled potatoes, pumpkins, papaya and rude vegetables salads during 1 year. Many times, I cried in silent and had to stop going to family parties due to food problems.

Disappointed but not morally weak, I have restored my faith, I won the battle!

Once, I was graduated, with a Bsc in Banking and Financial Services, like many millions of graduated youths , we are faced with the cruel Mauritian Market with exigencies of recruiting only experienced people. From 2014 till 2017, I  had 4 internships which have opened ways for me to experience a permanent job position in a firm in HR field in 2017.

Winning a permanent job position has not been easy, where I was humiliated by a Director in 2017 on my goal to be a future Financial Analyst. From that humiliation, I have mastered confidence in myself to change the biased ways of doing recruitment which most of the times discriminate on colours of skin, religious attributes, and our people having disabilities. From my aspiring objective to be a financial Analyst, I wanted at any ways to embark in the Human Resources Field to better accompany, guide our youths on the priorities of employers.

With that aim, I initiated the movement Youth Ambassadors  on 16th February 2017, being a dialogue platform with exchanges of successful youths, an open window to broadcast others NGOs campaigns, a job posting portal for employers and Youth leadership awareness.Today it consists of more than 915 followers who want to establish the essence of Youth Empowerment.  Its success has made noises where I have been made among 100 most influential women in Mauritius  in 2017 and 2018 and also an International Author by Happy in Africa. 

Nowadays, working as a Human Resources Executive in a private firm, I stand to be the mentor of guiding our youths on how to win interviews by being your true self and be proud examples for other youths to follow.

Am engaged in using Education as a powerful weapon to pen up the talents of our youths and to help them put aside their lack of confidence and chin up with strong determination.

Recently appointed as UN Ambassador, my challenge for me which is the biggest but not impossible to achieve is to nurture education in our orphans where the Fondation Zenfan Africa, A Mauritian Movement build on 24th Larch 2019 with motto to create effective leaders.

My motto is to ” believe, will and ultimately achieve your goals”

Ameegah Paul 

’m Ameegah Paul aged 20 years old. Since my birth, I have been diagnosed with a cerebral palsy but some of you may already know me from the National Art competition 2014 where I participated.

My Story;
Despite my peculiarity, I had the chance to through normal schooling. I attended the Robert Edward Hard Government School at Surinam and proudly received 23 units for my CPE exams. After that, I joined the Keats College of Chemin Grenier and obtained 10 units in SC but then completed my HSC in private and I’m now studying at the University Of Mauritius.

My passion for Art was what allowed me to come out of my cocoon! Despite being rejected by my school’s Art teacher in Form 3, for only being able to use one hand side, this did not stop me.

I continued doing Art all by myself and today I’m proud to say that I’ve participated in various national competitions and been awarded different titles.

In addition to that, I had the immense pleasure and chance to be appointed as Ambassador of the Global Rainbow Foundation, which works with people with disabilities.
My dream is for all of us to live in a peaceful and harmonious society. To achieve this, I’ve founded visioNew, an association to promote equal rights as I wish to try to bring many changes today.

For instance, I wish for better facilities and development for the “differently-abled” in Mauritius as I feel that we lack such infrastructures for a better standard of living.”

However, I have immense admiration towards the European Union in Mauritius and for their actions for our society.

Because of the above and because I share same values of equal human rights, I decided to join the Rise & Shine campaign so that together we are be able to spread my message with a broader audience.

When people hear the word ‘disabled,’ they immediately think about people who can’t walk or talk or do the things that people take for granted. Today, I take nothing for granted. But I find that the real disability is when you can’t find joy in life.
My advice to other differently abled person is to concentrate on things your disability doesn’t prevent you from doing well and don’t regret the things that it interferes with.

Don’t be disabled in spirit as well as physically 

Tell us your story

Changing someone’s life starts here. Join the ‘Rise and Shine’ movement by sharing your story and become someone’s hero.

Tell us your story

Changing someone’s life starts here. Join the ‘Rise and Shine’ movement by sharing your story and become someone’s hero.

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