A campaign of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Mauritius

Sehenaz Hossain Saeb

Directrice générale, CEDEM.

“That the rights of children are respected in order to secure the future of the country. “

Sehenaz, 53, married, is one of the founders of the Center for Education and Development for Children (CEDEM), created in 1984. She started as a teacher in the kindergarten – a NGO that was the CEDEM at the time and now became a director: a career dedicated to CEDEM.

Through her position, she feels a great responsibility in helping children who are ‘otherwise able’ or who were abused in the past into preparing them to become better and independent adults. She describes her devotion and work environment to be a privilege in helping children in need.

Sehenaz’s mission is to give every child a better future, to promote their rights without discrimination of ethnicity and religion. For that, she puts a lot of emphasis on education. In some cases, rehabilitation is necessary beforehand. Sehenaz thinks that CEDEM today has a significant weight when it comes to the theme of childhood. The organisation is constantly consulted for the preparation of new laws in Mauritius.

The European Union has always been a great help in financing projects for children and family welfare both locally and internationally. Sehenaz describes this organisation to be a powerful and influential aid that helps civil society in its advocacy to the state. “The sustainable project that the European Union finances helps in raising awareness through its Rise and Shine campaign. It thus exposes the situation of the children, whom seems problematic to the eyes of the state”.

She considers herself lucky to have been approached by the European Union in becoming an ambassador, as it will allow her to continue to convey her message concerning the well-being of Mauritian children.

Sehenaz’s stands firm in promoting the respect and fight for children’s rights. She calls on all of us as citizens to be responsible for vulnerable individuals and children, to guide them and to ensure their future will contribute to a better Mauritius.

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