A campaign of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Mauritius

Nicolas Ritter

Directeur exécutif, PILS.

“Medicine should be accessible to everyone; it is the universal link of humanity. “

Nicolas aged 50 years, is someone who deserves more recognition for his outstanding fight against HIV/Aids and dedicated social work in Mauritius. His flying career started with Air Mauritius in 1994. Nicolas then learned that he was a HIV-positive, he then decided to start the association PILS (Prevention Information and Fight against Aids) in 1996 and took the lead of the association in 2007. Today he describes, “PILS is a unique place to work where he was able to make his vision and mission become reality. This allows him to be involved at all levels in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The devoted man has contributed to the creation of several other organisations related to HIV/AIDS and human rights including CUT’, the ‘Kolectif Arc en Ciel’, the ‘Ravane Indian Ocean network’ and the ‘Vivre Plus network.

Today, the values that Nicolas preserves are aspects of fairness and respect. “Mauritius is strongly impacted by HIV/AIDS, 1% of the population is concerned, it is far from being controlled, there are still efforts to be made in terms of heath care.” He describes the peripheral issue where HIV joins human rights.

Nicolas admits that passion is at the heart of his cause and his work. He does not care about the eyes of others, he assumes his character, in his family and his surrounding, and works towards the advancement of the cause and is proud to be an ambassador of the European Union. The European Union has always been an important partner who is not only a donor of funds for projects but also an organisation full of kindness, respect and equality. “This is one of the few bilateral partners that regularly communicates with us on the progress in human rights in the country. The European Union is positioning itself as an interface between civil society and the state to improve the country’s democracy.”

Nicolas shares the same values and wants to be part of a campaign where human rights are valued and strengthened in their dark times. He is an on-going militant who fights for more pragmatic and efficient medical facilities for individuals in Mauritius and around the world. He is astonished that medicine is still being paid for in several countries like Madagascar or Mali. He believes that “Medicine should be accessible to everyone; it is the universal link of humanity “.

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