A campaign of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Mauritius

Kevin Ramkaloan

CEO, Business Mauritius

“Encourage women to take more responsibility in the world of work.”

Kevin, 43, married man with two children. He worked in England and France before returning to Mauritius. Kevin started on the board but quickly held several positions of responsibility, including business developer at the National Agency for Investment Promotion (formerly BOI – EDB today) where he set up the African Center of Excellence. In this same position, Kevin initiated the National Ocean Economy’s roadmap with his team and participated in the creation of the sustainable development index at the Stock exchange of Mauritius. Previously, director of the agency for the promotion of tourism (MTPA), he is now CEO of Business Mauritius.

Kevin explains that Business Mauritius is at the heart of a strategic thinking on economic and social development. It is the bridge and the partner of dialogue between the public and the private sector. Business Mauritius today unites around three strategic poles that are: economic development; human capital development; sustainable and inclusive development. These aim to make a better Mauritius of tomorrow. We are constructing the foundation based on the three poles which are always respected; however we have a long way to go.”

Just like another milestone that marked his career: Passion in common resource management has privileged him to meet the inspiring Elinor Ostrom, a Nobel laureate in this science. His desire is to be able to inspire, accompany and train younger persons at higher international studies and thus to contribute to the economy by giving them the desire to return to Mauritius to serve the country as he himself did or by becoming part of the diaspora.

Kevin believes strongly in the competence of the European Union. He is already collaborating with the EU in several projects, namely a project supported by the EDB: e-licensing, which is a business facilitation project and the National Energy Efficiency Program (PNEE), which is an energy transition project, design and implementation. This model is replicated and contextualised in different countries of the Indian Ocean.

Kevin became an ambassador of the European Union to further increase the visibility of his fight and highlight his cause. “The sharing of our values, the shared vision of sustainable development and that of human capital makes our association logical”.

Kevin’s desire amongst all is that our children have the best opportunities to become better adults of tomorrow. He wishes the same for his own children, but also for the Mauritian youth, who is the future of this country.

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