International Women day and launching of ‘Rise and Shine’ campaign

Cocktail Event: 8th March 2019

This 8th March 2019, the Delegation of the European Union celebrated International Women‘s Day. The event was held at the European Union ambassador’s residence in The Vale. The cocktail was highlighted by special guests of honours that gave conviviality throughout the event.

S.E Mrs. Marjaana Sall, ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Mauritius, emphasised “the Importance of gender equality for the European Union and its actions in Mauritius, to favour gender equilibrium between men and women”. The European Union situates itself at the heart of an economic and social development partnership with Mauritius, where the ambassador aims at “promoting gender equality between men and woman [which] remains a priority”.

On this note, the European Union puts forward its campaign ‘Rise and Shine’ through the four addressed values of Gender equality, the fight for the elimination of violence against women, the economic and independence for women and human rights.

The European Union has likewise revealed its campaign featuring its 10 ambassadors; personalities of different profession and background that inspire the Mauritian population. Likewise, the launch was put forward by the realisation of a video, portraying an emotionally social experience, accessible on The video of Rise and Shine also puts forward strong messages such as “Despite our different skin tones, cultures and beliefs, we are not so different when it comes to inspirations, dreams, and convictions. 

Many of us are ready to stand up against injustices, to voice domestic violence and accepting each other with our differences. Today we are 50 heroes united in a room. If the Mauritian population joins the ‘Rise and Shine’ movement, then we can become 50 000 heroes and even more to contribute to the social advancement in Mauritius.

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