A campaign of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Mauritius

Bruneau Woomed

Coach & Formateur, Go Meta.

“When you are violent, you give evidence of your weakness and not of your strength.”

Bruneau, 61, is a trainer and coach in companies and NGOs. He is an expert in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and neuro semantics. Mathematician and actuary, Bruneau has been in the world of insurance. He then decided to start his own business consulting company. 

Bruneau has always been empathetic and a great listener. Now working as a professional coach, reaching people’s full potential and becoming better versions of themselves brings him great satisfaction, Hedescribes himself as a facilitator who helps people get rid of certain obstacles to move forward.

Over the past ten years, Bruneau has been a major contributor to the NGO “Women In Networking”. He has participated in a women’s empowerment programme as a national coordinator and trainer. Together, the team has trained more than 300 women leaders over a period of 10 years. Bruneau has worked with several women and has comprehensive experience of issues relating to gender equality, development and women empowerment. He also helped to create the programme “Men Against Violence” where once again, he trains and raises awareness among young people in colleges. 

Today, Bruneau is often invited to share his knowledge at conferences or in the media. As a committed citizen, he always defends the cause of feminism. He is willing to help anyone who needs his experience or the tools and equipment he has. He is himself on other fronts to ensure personal fulfilment. He advocates better communication with others. “When we talk about violence, there is a break in communication with oneself and with others.”

Bruneau is well aware that the European Union has strict procedures to select projects. He understands that to move forward in projects, NGOs need funds and the European Union is a partner that can make a difference in our society.

By being an ambassador, Bruneau will be a spokesperson, ready to defend his convictions. He says he is ready to do it.

If he could make a wish, Bruneau would like that there is an increased awareness about the issue of violence in our society. “It is absolutely necessary to act today”.

Saint Denis Street, Port Louis | Tel: 207 15 15