A campaign of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Mauritius

Armoogum Parsuramen

Fondateur-Président, Global Rainbow Foundation.

“Serving mankind is what inspires me, it engenders both a personal fulfilment and an achievement”.

Armoogum Parsuramen, 67, married with 3 children. He began his career as a teacher but quickly became interested in politics, he became Minister of Education, Arts, Culture and Science from 1983 to 1995. Mr. Parsuramen then joined the World Bank(1997-1998)  as a “Senior Advisor” in Washington DC  before taking the post of Director of UNESCO in Paris, Senegal and India (1998-2011).

In 2011, he retired and returned to Mauritius. A man of faith and spiritual maturity, Armoogum is always lifting up those around him and feels profound gratitude for what he has received in life and wishes to give back those gifts by serving humanity. This deep devotion has led him to found the Global Rainbow Foundation, an organisation steeped in his vision of serving the most marginalised individuals of society. Through this mission, he is rethinking how to be of service by levelling the ground for people with disabilities, who were kept at the margins of society.

 “Global Rainbow Foundation is paving previously uncharted territory, helping … (PWDs) reclaim the space they were denied so that they can project themselves at national or international level.” He aims to empower PWDs, to amplify their voices for them to defend their rights, to use all resources available for the advancement towards this noble cause. By now, Global Rainbow Foundation has assisted numerous cases which were otherwise bound to get stuck in a backlog of government files.

Armoogum believes that the European Union is an organisation with a rigorous monitoring system for the progress of the projects it oversees and he is honored to have been chosen to be an ambassador for the campaign. He sees this opportunity as a platform that will allow him to further consolidate his mission to serve the most vulnerable.

His vow is to ask God to enlighten his path, accompany him and enable him to serve the most vulnerable for a long time, removing all obstacles in his way so that he can achieve the goal of serving others.

Saint Denis Street, Port Louis | Tel: 207 15 15