A campaign of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Mauritius

Anushka Virahsawmy

Directrice, Gender Links Mauritius.

“To love unconditionally, to live fully and to leave a legacy for our country. “

Anushka, 47, is a single mother, a child of 21, who embraces the joy of living. She began her career in design and communication in England and after fifteen years abroad she returned to her motherland. After lecturing at Charles Telfair, she then joined the Accenture group as Training Manager. There-after she took the directorship at Gender Links.

The wish to fight for equality and equal remuneration between men and women in the private sector was born in Anushka’s early career, as she saw the disparities before her. This is where the mission chose Anushka, and she could not look away. Major issues that need attention and change were the inequality between men and women in the work place, the under-representation of women by 4% in management committees, the elimination of under aged children and women empowerment. She wants to raise her voice loudly without fear, and to make a visible change for this cause.

The challenge lies in advancing the cause of pay disparity especially in the private sector as well as in the public sector. She addresses that in the Mauritian society, women are treated differently.

Anushka believes in encouraging the younger generation the future of both stability and equality– and thus devotes herself passionately to the vocation she has chosen. Over and above Anushka’s current commitment, she works on the Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights Project (SHRR). She thereby opposes to the generalisation of the younger generation as aggressive, violent and other.

Anushka believes in the commitment of the European Union, not only pertaining to financial aid but rather committed to real change in the Mauritian society. “The Ambassador really has her heart on the issue of gender equality.” The European Union has a weight to support this motion. She is honored to have been offered the role of ambassador for the campaign. She sees it as a blessing that her values are being represented by the ‘Rise and Shine’ campaign.

If Anushka could formulate a wish, gender equality would be her greatest desire coupled with the decline of violence in our country, where there is a better framework of the law that protects these destitute victims.

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