A campaign of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Mauritius

Aline Wong

Fondatrice-Directrice, L'Inattendu & L'ÍN.

“Alone we are strong, but together we are invincible. “

The bubbly Aline is a married woman and mother of 2 boys. Textile engineer, she has paved her way in one of the largest textile companies on the island before deciding to start her own business. She makes the choice to be her own leader and to live her dreams with passions. “When you are an entrepreneur, you are freer to express your views on any sensitive matter.”

The name of Aline Wong is constantly associated with social endeavours. The latter restarted the Association of Women Entrepreneurs in 1998 which took her into the international arena. She has been the program commissioner since 2004 with women business leaders worldwide to this day. Aline worked with the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) as a consultant for setting up the network of women entrepreneurs in the Indian Ocean (Madagascar, Comoros, Seychelles Rodrigues, Mauritius, Reunion Island).

Aline believes that Inter-aid and solidarity help to move forward “Alone we are invisible, and together we are a force.” In order to move forward, the values of freedom and human development are crucial. She has met a lot of interesting women around the world. The emancipation of the woman (her dignity, her ability, and her status) quickly became her workhorse. Aline believes that they are the architect and the pillar of our society. By encouraging more women to reach their full potential we will raise the index of happiness of our population. 

Aline, the passionate activist who works in the field, chooses action over research or theory.

According to her, Mauritian women live under constant cultural pressure “It’s not easy to break free from these chains.” However, Aline thinks that a Mauritian woman is brave, “she just needs to be given a chance to express herself and to gain confidence in herself.

Aline is proud to have been chosen as an ambassador for the European Union “she is committed to all that serves the cause of women, she confides. She is ready to extend her energy, her life, and experience. She privileges the things she loves in her life; she lives her passions, they are feeding her.

Aline‘s pursuit is for women to gain more confidence in order to become more independent and experience progress in every facet of life.

Saint Denis Street, Port Louis | Tel: 207 15 15